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Our 2020-2021 Season: Virtual Program

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Together Again: Twelve Angry Men


The Barn is proud to present our take on "Together Again" with the cast of our 2008 production of Reginald Rose's classic “Twelve Angry Men.”

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Opening Night: Saturday, January 9, 2021 - Closing Night: Monday, February 1, 2021


Panelist, Juror #4Rich Maloy
Panelist, Juror #2Ron Mulligan
Panelist, Juror #5Jonathan Peck
Panelist, Juror #6Ricardo Pino
Panelist, Juror #7Anthony Rubolotta
Panelist, GuardLawrence Sanders
HostJanice Schopper
Panelist, DirectorTom Schopper
Panelist, Juror #12John Trumbull
Panelist, Juror #10Rik Turner
Panelist, Juror #1Craig Zimmermann

Production Staff

ProducerShannon Phillips
Janice Schopper
Video EditorCharles Grayson