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Our 2000-2001 Season: Mainstage

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An Inspector Calls

Written by J B Priestly

An Inspector Calls is a psychologically adept work and an engaging play. This mystery explores the strange changes that take place in human beings when their consciences are affected.

The action takes place in an English industrial city. A young girl commits suicide and an eminently respectable British family is subject to a routine inquiry in connection with the death. An Inspector Calls to interrogate the family, and during the course of his questioning, all members of the group are implicated lightly or deeply, in the girl's undoing. The family members, apparently close-knit and friendly at the beginning of the evening, are ultimately shown to be selfish, self-centered or cowardly. The family good humor turns to acid, and good fellowship to dislike, before the evening is over.

Who is this mysterious inspector? What does he really know? Twists and turns abound.

Opening Night: Friday, March 23, 2001 - Closing Night: Saturday, April 7, 2001


EnsembleJulie Artim
Sybil BirlingCarole Caton
EdnaKelly Chippendale
Arthur BirlingArt Deutsch
EnsembleBob Forrester
GeraldWill Jarred
EnsembleMichael Lazorko
SheilaKaren Lewan
The InspectorJay Ludwig
EricPaul Rivers
EvaElizabeth Sheber
EnsembleLeah Vesonder
EnsembleJohn Ziomek

Production Staff

DirectorDon Miller
ProducerClaire Siegmund
Stage ManagerMartie Cheek
Set DesignCeCe Dwyer
Set ConstructionRoger Clark
Set Construction-CrewBJ Brennan
Bob Forrester
Howard Henn
Beau Kennedy
Marty Kleindienst
Bill Purdy
Steve Zevas
Set DecorCeCe Dwyer
Scenic ArtistEd Nicolazzo
Painting CrewBob Forrester
Roger Niebuhr
Paul Rivers
Lighting DesignHannah Hendry
Larry Wilbur
Lighting Board OperationRoger Niebuhr
Lighting-CrewBrian Marshall
Larry Wilbur
Sound DesignPatrick Horan
Jeff Knapp
Sound OperationWilliam Eddy
Walter Nieman
PropsCarol Offermann
CostumesCeCe Dwyer
Lillian Miller
Costumes-CrewNancy Chippendale
Elizabeth Ross
Make-Up / HairJoan Agosta
Make-Up / Hair CrewEvelyn Gorman
Roseann Ruggiero
Assistant to the DirectorCeCe Dwyer
Bruce Williamson
Assistant to ProducerAnn Marie Hattersley
Jude Mahon
PhotographyMarge Gaffney
Program CoverW Design, LLC
PublicityTom Schopper
VideographerMatt Heffernan