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Our 1993-1994 Season: Mainstage

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Other People's Money

Written by Jerry Sterner

Wall Street takeover artist Lawrence Garfinkle's computer is going tilt over the undervalued stock of New England Wire & Cable. If the stockholders back his take over, they will make a bundle but what will happen to the 1200 employees and the community when he liquidates the assets? Opposing the rapacious financier are the genial man who has run the company since the year one and his chief operations officer. They bring in a young lawyer who specializes in fending off takeovers. Should she use green mail? Find a white knight? Employ a shark repellent? This compelling drama explores whether corporate raiders are creatures from the Black Lagoon of capitalism or realists.

Opening Night: Saturday, January 15, 1994 - Closing Night: Saturday, January 29, 1994


William ColesDave Conley
Bea SullivanBasia Jaworski
Andrew JorgensonJay Mills
Kate SullivanRobin Totillo
Lawrence GarfinkleWilliam Van Gieson

Production Staff

DirectorTom Moynahan
ProducerAnita Burkhart
Stage ManagerKathie Arch
Alice Regan Moynahan
Set DesignBob Conte
Set ConstructionDon Ryerson
Set Construction-CrewBJ Brennan
Roger Clark
Marty Kleindienst
Chick Lauria
Steve Zevas
Set DecorDonna Lee Loughman
Set Decor-CrewAnita Burkhart
Ed Nicolazzo
Barbara Smith
Lighting DesignGil Collins
Lighting Board OperationJim Totillo
Lighting-CrewGoran Pocina
Jim Totillo
Sound DesignGlenn Beasley
Sound OperationMark Adams
PropsBernie Terpstra
CostumesSal Ruggiero
Costumes-CrewDebbie Gregory Fink
Make-Up / HairJoan Agosta
Program CoverAnita Burkhart
Laurie Toth
Program EditorLaurie Toth