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Our 1990-1991 Season: Mainstage

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Juno and the Paycock

Written by Sean O'Casey

The author walks a thin line between comedy and tragedy as an Irish family struggles to survive in Dublin during the 1920s. A universal story in any decade and any city.


Mrs. TankredSuzanne Adder
IrregularBob Brigham
Johnny BoyleSean Byrne
Jerry DevineMark Dominick
NeighborPat Dougherty
Needle NugentHank Gundersen
Charlie BenthamJohn Hammel
Captain Jack BoyleJay Ludwig
Mary BoyleEllen McLaughlin
Joxer DalyJay Mills
Coal Block VendorPaul Rivellese
Sewing Machine Man / MobilizerFlip Robinson
Mrs. Masie MadiganRobin Totillo
IrregularKirk Voorhees
Juno BoyleEileen Waite
Furniture Removal ManBill Zanowitz

Production Staff

DirectorMartin Wilde
ProducerKathrynne Forsbrey
Stage ManagerJanet Priblo
Assistant Stage ManagerMelanie Heit
Set DesignBob Conte
Set ConstructionMarty Kleindienst
Set Construction-CrewJoAnn Ames
Ken Anspach
Bob Brigham
Roger Clark
Bob Conte
Ewald Forsbrey
Greg Herzog
Chick Lauria
Mike Magnifico
Daniel Magno
Gary Martin
Eric Milne
Gina Pennewell
Bill Purdy
George Walter
Susan Wold
Stage CrewSheri Marvin
Set DecorKay Boucher
Set Decor-CrewAndrew Ballard
Anita Burkhart
Marty Carrigan
Peggy Carrigan
Sue Collins
Kathrynne Forsbrey
Marge Gaffney
Melanie Heit
Sharon Sarno
Diane Schultz
Lois Sharrott
Honey Wilde
Scenic ArtistEd Nicolazzo
Lighting DesignVal Waller
Lighting Board OperationMary Haskoor
Lighting-CrewGil Collins
Beth Eden
Bill Fleet
Donald Harrison
Darrin Harrison
Chris Payne
Tricia Trozzi
Sound DesignMike Magnifico
Sound OperationKellie Knowlton
Steve Salberg
PropsElisa Kennedy
Props-CrewKay Boucher
Anita Burkhart
Peggy Carrigan
Joan Harvey
Melanie Heit
Sheri Marvin
CostumesSal Ruggiero
Costumes-CrewSue Collins
CeCe Dwyer
Marge Gaffney
Lillian Miller
Honey Wilde
Make-Up / HairColleen Voorhees
Make-Up / Hair CrewSherry Eichenbaum
Kathrynne Forsbrey
Assistant to ProducerFlip Robinson
PhotographyKen Anspach
Marge Gaffney
Program CoverEd Nicolazzo