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Our 2019-2020 Season: Theatre for Children

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21st Century Christmas Carol

Written by Lori M. Myers

Here’s a modern twist on Dickens’s classic...  with a female lead!  Eleanor Scrooge, a greedy old spinster, spends her days barking orders at her gift shop employees.  Though the mall will be closed, she still wants them to work on Christmas Day!  Then she’s visited by the ghost of her old boss, Mr. Marley, and a parade of zany spirits who materialize from cheesy collectible figurines.  First there’s the Spirit of the Past, who loves the 1950s and takes Eleanor dancing at a bygone party.  Then there’s the Spirit of Present, who takes Eleanor to the Hatchett family Christmas dinner, where Eleanor feels like she’s watching a sitcom with a nice message of forgiveness.  Finally, the Spirit of Future, who takes Eleanor to her own funeral, completes her change of heart.  She even forgives Tiny Tim’s fake limp!  With great humor, contemporary references, and crazy characters, this easy to stage show will make your audience (and your actors!)  fall in love with the classic story all over again.

Opening Night: Saturday, December 7, 2019 - Closing Night: Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tickets: $10; Children under 13: $5

The show runs approximately 0:45 without an intermission.


Eleanor ScroogeClaudine Boucher
RichieMichael Daly
DakotaAlexia Davies
MichelleZoe Davies
CarlaSantina DiBenedetto
Young RichieAnthony DiBenedetto
Pa HatchettCharles Grayson
PastPearl Hart
StellaAlli Hartley-Kong
MarleyOmar Kozarsky
CindyCaroline Leonard
Ma HatchettKaren Lerner
MindyVivian Lerner
Young EleanorJenna Levitt
Tiny TimNola Linder
FannyLuna Mills
Narrator 2Christine Morgan
SkylerBrady Owen
Bobbi HatchettCaroline Ritacco
Narrator 3Terianne Shetler
PresentLeslie Silverman
Narrator 1Jacky Vogt
FutureBob Vogt
FuzziwigJordan Vogt
EnsembleJacob Vogt

Production Staff

DirectorScott Baird
Lighting DesignLauren M. Grof-Tisza
Sound DesignJeff Knapp