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Our 2017-2018 Season: Theatre for Children

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What Could Go Wrong The Night Before Christmas

Written by Kim Kao Hines

A host attempts to do a lovely reading of The Night Before Christmas but is stymied by every imaginable interruption. First, the children show up wearing costumes and outfits for all the wrong holidays, then it ends up the mice might not be stirring, but they sure are shuffling as they play a game of Go Fish. By the time the clatter on the rooftop sounds more like a deafening rock íní roll drum solo, our poor host is about to have a meltdown! On top of it all, our not-quite-classic (and definitely thinner) Santa stops filling stockings to do a PSA on the dangers of smoking and also plugs the usefulness of stain remover pens. In the end, our host finishes the poem, Santa hurries off to make the rest of his deliveries, and we're energized with the fun of the Christmas season.

Opening Night: Saturday, December 9, 2017 - Closing Night: Sunday, December 10, 2017


EnsembleDavid Collini
EnsembleGenevieve Dopson
Scared ChildMadison Forte
EnsembleMaya Lerner
MamaKaren Lerner
EnsembleVivian Lerner
SantaDave McDonald
NermalChristine Morgan
EnsembleBrady Owen
HostJessica Phelan
OwenTerianne Shetler
EnsembleJordan Vogt
EnsembleJacob Vogt
ChadJacky Vogt
Stage ManagerBob Vogt
PapaMichael Yoder