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Our 2017-2018 Season: Theatre for Children

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Lights... Camera... Christmas!

Written by Sally Carpenter

The setting is the sound stage of a movie studio. J.D., the director, is making a Christmas film, but her performers don’t understand it. They want to know why she is making "a boring old film about Christmas." "If you want to make money," they tell him, "do something with a lot of car crashes." But J.D. explains that Christmas is about dreams, and all her life she’s dreamed about making people happy with her films. Then Mr. Big, the studio boss, decides to close down the film. At this point, the performers discover what J.D. has been trying to say and join with her to save the picture.

Opening Night: Saturday, December 9, 2017 - Closing Night: Sunday, December 10, 2017


GopherClaudine Boucher
CharlieDavid Collini
J.D.D'Angelique Dopson
The Design TeamLauren M. Grof-Tisza
MarcyMaya Lerner
Camera PersonKaren Lerner
Film ExtraVivian Lerner
SandyJordan Vogt
Mr. BigMichael Yoder