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Our 2015-2016 Season: Special Event

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Barn's 50 Birthday Bash

The Barn is celebrating 50 Years in Montville, so we're throwing a birthday party for the building! Please join us for an evening of song and memories.

Reservations are required, and the sugested donation is $20.

Online ticketing is not available for this performance.  You can make reservations by emailing or calling 973-334-9320 x707

Opening Night: Saturday, April 16, 2016 - Closing Night: Saturday, April 16, 2016


VocalistJoan Agosta
VocalistGeraldine Baillod
VocalistClaudine Boucher
VocalistMichael Campbell
VocalistCandy Cobb
VocalistMatt Cotton
VocalistD'Angelique Dopson
VocalistJeff Dopson
VocalistMichal Efron
VocalistDana Efron
VocalistJodi Freeman Maloy
VocalistBrandon Frumolt
VocalistErin Gilgur
VocalistLauren M. Grof-Tisza
PresenterHank Gundersen
VocalistSusan Hagen
VocalistPearl Hart
VocalistJohn Hopko
Vocalist / EmceePatrick Horan
VocalistSara Kalashian
VocalistBob Kanarick
VocalistSamantha Kaplan
VocalistLaura Kennedy
EmceeJeff Knapp
VocalistMindy Knapp
VocalistEmily Knapp
PresenterBarbara Krajkowski
VocalistJames Lopez
VocalistRich Maloy
VocalistCheryl Marocco Bookstaver
VocalistBrian Marshall
VocalistDanielle Meola Valencia
VocalistBrian Merrill
VocalistClaudia Metz
PresenterTodd Mills
VocalistLauren Moran Mills
VocalistChristine Morgan
VocalistTom Morrissey
VocalistTom Moynahan
VocalistShannon Phillips
VocalistAlice Regan Moynahan
VocalistRoseann Ruggiero
VocalistMary Ryzuk
VocalistStuart Scheer
VocalistTom Schopper
VocalistPeter Schulz
VocalistSharon Singleton
VocalistCraig Stevens
VocalistEricka Traugh
VocalistEric VanAlstyne
VocalistJonathan Wentz

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Knapp
Musical DirectorJames Horan
Stage ManagerCamille DiLorenzo
Elizabeth Rogers
Lighting DesignNicholas Marmo
Sound CrewAlan Van Antwerp
Graphic DesignAnthony Rubolotta
Party PlanningJanice Schopper
PianistJack Bender
Regan Ryzuk
Committee MemberCamille DiLorenzo
Laura Kennedy
Jeff Knapp
Dave McDonald
Barbara Mills
Janice Schopper