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Our 1979-1980 Season: Special Event

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Written by N. Richard Nash

A young man and woman build a low keyed paradise of happiness within an asylum, only to have it shattered by the intrusion of the outside world. The two characters search, at times agonizingly, to determine the difference between illusion and reality. The effort is lightened by moments of shared love and "pretend" games, like decorating Christmas trees that are not really there. The theme of love, vulnerable to the surveillances of the asylum, and the ministrations of the psychiatrist, a nonspeaking part seems as fragile in the constrained setting as it often is in the outside world.

Opening Night: Friday, October 12, 1979 - Closing Night: Sunday, October 14, 1979


SamMario Abate
TildaJoan Agosta
The PersonGeorge Schulz

Production Staff

DirectorAnn Schulz
ProducerCarol Mathews
Stage ManagerArleen King
Set DesignGeorge Schulz
Set ConstructionMatt Mathews
Set Construction-CrewWarren
Ernie Mathews
Cathy Mathews
Maryann Sharkey
Set DecorMary Warren
Set Decor-CrewWarren
Carol Mathews
Lighting DesignJohn Popovitch
Lighting-CrewWally Coche
Janine Gittens
Chris Mowles
Curtiss Sinc
Make-Up / HairRobin Gurin
Program CoverMario Abate
Music ConsultantPatrick Horan
James Horan