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Our 2004-2005 Season: Special Event

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The Healthy Diner

Written by C. R. McMurphy

Part of our 2005 Playwrights Festival

Welcome to the Golden Skillet, a New Jersey diner located at the ebb of the suburban sprawl where dairy farms and trailer parks now sit hard by new McMansion developments. When a small town is faced with big city expansion, the diner "regulars" run head-on into the condo queen who promises to wipe out all their local color.


TJChris Abeel
BobTom Blewitt
KCMia Diaz
Mr. TaylorCy Friedman
MannyRobert Loucks
Mrs. TaylorCarol Offermann
BiancaAllie Reinmann

Production Staff

DirectorOmar Kozarsky
Assistant to the DirectorFrank Bland
Jade Cintron