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Our 1958-1959 Season: Mainstage

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Detective Story

Written by Sidney Kingsley

The scene is the squad room and office in a New York police station. The playwright presents a fascinatingly realistic picture of routine cases brought into a metropolitan police station in the course of a day. Out of the welter of human misery, vice and stupidity there emerges the tragic and moving case of a decent young fellow who has stolen money from his employer. Though a woman who is in love with him comes to his help and the employer is offered everything that has been taken from him, the case has fallen into the hands of McLeod, a hardworking detective whose experience in police work has developed in him a mania for punishing all law breakers, whom he regards as incorrigibles. Nothing will satisfy him but brutal punishment. He is at work at the same time on a case involving an abortionist whose attorney, failing to move him by other means, forces McLeod's wife to confess to her husband that she had herself some years before made use of the services of the abortionist in question. Since McLeod worships his wife and finds in her the only happiness of his existence, his world collapses about him. The climax comes when McLeod gets involved with another prisoner who attempts to escape from the squad room with the aid of a revolver taken from one of the detectives. McLeod is shot and killed. This climax is a fitting end to McLeod's career. To the last, he had been bent upon doing what he considered his duty—in seeing that criminals obeyed the letter of the law at no matter what cost.

Opening Night: Wednesday, November 19, 1958 - Closing Night: Saturday, November 29, 1958


Mrs. BagatelleOlga Baker
BrodyFred Bonner, Sr.
Miss PritchettCarol Boys
Lt. MonaghanBud Clifford
LadyEstelle Crane
SimsEd Deam
CallahanBill Edwards
BarnesJohn Falk
Dr. SchneiderBob Fox
DakisNorman Friedman
Mrs. FarragotLotte Frost
KeoghFrank Gaffney
PhotographerHunter Gruebert
GallagherLarry Harden
Crumb BumJoe Heim
O'BrianEd Jacobus
WillieBob Jennings
Indignant CitizenEdie Jennings
TamiBill Lenahan
ArthurBurton Lum
ShoplifterEdith Oxman
CharlieBob Perlett
Joe FeinsonJerry Schreiber
Mr. GallantzDick Selcoe
MaryPat Shea
SusanBarbara Sherwood
Miss HatchHelene Sparkes
Mr. SteinMike Stein
Mrs. SteinElinor Stein
McLeodClark Walter
LewisP.E. Woodford

Production Staff

DirectorZach Morfogen
ProducerFrank Gaffney
Jean Hooper
Stage ManagerNorman Friedman
Set DesignDick Harmish
Set Construction-CrewBJ Brennan
George Crawford
Bob Fox
Larry Harden
Corwin Overton
Phil Reed
Jerry Schreiber
Paul Shea
Stage CrewMarge Gaffney
Dot Harnish
Lee Partos
Bob Perlett
Pat Shea
Set DecorDot Harnish
Lighting DesignTony Palladino
Bob Smith
Sound DesignBob Fox
Dick Selcoe
Props-CrewLotte Frost
Marge Gaffney
Edie Jennings
Marilyn Morfogen
Ann Pollack
Make-UpBob Perlett
Molly Reavis
Pat Shea
Assistant to the DirectorDorothy Byrne
Program EditorMarthe Foth
Mary Gaunt
TicketsBarbara Duker