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Our 1955-1956 Season: Mainstage

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Kind Lady

Written by Edward Chodorov

A dignified, aristocratic woman living quietly in her London home is gradually surrounded by diabolically clever crooks who ingeniously alienate her family and friends and nearly convinces them that she is hopelessly insane. It looks as though the kind lady is doomed to lose her property and her sanity, but a supreme effort of courage and skill conveys the true situation to the outside world in this intensely exciting drama.

Opening Night: Friday, June 1, 1956 - Closing Night: Saturday, June 9, 1956


EnsembleDaphne Badger
EnsembleBill Edwards
EnsembleNorman Friedman
EnsembleHolly Hill
EnsembleRuth Hill
EnsembleBob Jennings
Kind LadyEdie Jennings
EnsembleAlice Mahler
EnsembleBob Perlett
EnsembleJud Rae
EnsembleAudrey Rosler
EnsembleDick Selcoe
EnsembleJean Younce