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Our 1999-2000 Season: Mainstage

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The Heiress

Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz

Classic melodrama draped in elegance. The Heiress is a timeless tale of love, betrayal and revenge. With their 1946 romantic melodrama, Ruth and Augustus Goetz left an enduring theatrical legacy. The Heiress is a timeless and compelling story of loneliness, love, betrayal, revenge and redemption.

Set in New York's elitist Washington Square district in 1850, The Heiress shows that, where love is concerned, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Catherine Sloper is an introverted, lonely woman. Her wealthy father, Dr. Austin Sloper is quick to point out his daughter lacks charm, social graces and beauty. When the dashing international playboy Morris Townsend begins courting Catherine, her father accuses him of being a gold-digger. Catherine's Aunt Lavinia encourages the affair believing, or at least hoping, the young man is sincere.

The play is cleverly constructed to draw the audience into Catherine's dilemma. Townsend could be the knight in shining armor who will rescue Catherine from a stifling, loveless home, or he could be the most cunning of wolves in the sleekest of sheep's clothing.

Opening Night: Friday, September 17, 1999 - Closing Night: Saturday, October 2, 1999


Elizabeth AlmondSusan Durisoe
Morris TownsendJames France
Dr. Austin SloperHank Gundersen
MariaSara Kalashian
Catherine SloperGeri Kennedy
Mrs. MontgomeryKaren Longo
Arthur TownsendBrian Marshall
Lavinia PennimanNancy Lee Ryan
Marian AlmondTracy Tlack

Production Staff

DirectorDonna Sousa
ProducerCeCe Dwyer
Bill Purdy
Stage ManagerAlice Regan Moynahan
Assistant Stage ManagerMartie Cheek
Set DesignEd Nicolazzo
Set Construction-CrewRoger Clark
Marty Kleindienst
Chick Lauria
Bill Purdy
Don Ryerson
Steve Zevas
Stage CrewJo Ann Laufer
Set DecorCeCe Dwyer
Ed Nicolazzo
Set Decor-CrewCandy Cobb
Marge Gaffney
Laura Kennedy
Beau Kennedy
Dallas Kennedy
Mindy Knapp
Brian Marshall
Bill Purdy
Tom Schopper
Bob Scully
Scenic ArtistEd Nicolazzo
Lighting DesignHannah Hendry
Larry Wilbur
Lighting Board OperationBill Purdy
Sound DesignGage Andretta
Sound OperationGage Andretta
Walter Nieman
PropsMary Gustafson
Props-CrewKay Kaiser
Rich Mayer
CostumesJanet Lazar
Costumes-CrewCeCe Dwyer
Denis Dwyer
Mary Jo Grdina Stephenson
Barbara Mills
Bill Purdy
Flip Robinson
Kathy Sommers
Make-Up / HairJoan Agosta
PhotographyMarge Gaffney
Program CoverW Design, LLC
Program LayoutW Design, LLC
Program EditorKathryn Comiciotto
PublicityHank Gundersen