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Our 1998-1999 Season: Mainstage

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Black Comedy

Written by Peter Shaffer

Return to London of the swinging 60's with this very funny farce first presented at the Barn over 20 years ago. Black Comedy opens on a dark stage (which is light to the actors) and blows a fuse throwing them into the dark (light to the audience). Some things we see in the "dark": A girl bringing her wealthy father to meet her fiancée, a sculptor who in trying to make a good impression has invited a wealthy art patron and stolen the neighbor's furniture. But in the "dark" things get a little wild and hilarity ensues. Wicked fun from the playwright who brought you Equus.


Ms. FernivalMichele Blum
George BambergerBill Cobb
Harold GorringeRich Kennedy
SchuppanzighTodd Mills
Col. MelkettTim Murphy
BrindsleyJohn Richards
George BambergerTom Schopper
CleaDonna Sousa
CarolRachel Tiefenbacher
George BambergerLarry Wilbur

Production Staff

DirectorBill Zanowitz
ProducerCandy Cobb
Brian Marshall
Stage ManagerKathryn Comiciotto
Set DesignJack Ratson
Set ConstructionJack Ratson
Set Construction-CrewRoger Clark
Beau Kennedy
Jeff Knapp
Brian Marshall
David Marshall
Larry Wilbur
Set DecorJanine Wentz
Set Decor-CrewCandy Cobb
Kathryn Comiciotto
Jim Di Paolo
Marsha Di Paolo
Sara Kalashian
Mindy Knapp
Brian Marshall
Lillian Miller
Bill Purdy
Tom Schopper
Donna Sousa
Lighting DesignLarry Wilbur
Lighting Board OperationBrian Marshall
Larry Wilbur
Sound DesignJeff Knapp
PropsJanet Lazar
CostumesSal Ruggiero
Make-Up / HairTammy Agosta Carvlin
SculpturesBeau Kennedy
Janine Wentz
PhotographyMarge Gaffney
Program LayoutJonathan Wentz
PublicityHank Gundersen