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Our 1960-1961 Season: Mainstage

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Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

Written by Herman Wouk

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a court martial has been adapted by the author into suspenseful evening of theatre. A young lieutenant is relieved his captain of command in the midst of a typhoon on the grounds that the captain, Queeg is a psychopath in crisis and commanded the ship and its crew to destruction. Naval tradition is against him, but testimony eventually reveals a devastating picture of Queeg's mental disintegration.

Opening Night: Wednesday, April 5, 1961 - Closing Night: Saturday, April 15, 1961


Member of the CourtFred Bonner
Lt. Thomas KeeferChurchhill Clark
Captain BlakelyEd Deam
Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis QueegBob Foth
Lt. Willis Seward KeithBob Fox
Lt. Barney GreenwaldGeorge Gulick
StenographerJess Hill
Member of the CourtJoe Hoffman
Dr. BirdZach Morfogen
Lt. Com. John ChalleeJud Rae
Capt. Randolph SouthardCarl Scheibner
Dr. Forrest LundeenJerry Schreiber
Signalman Third Class Junuis UrbanLouis Venturini
Lt. Stephen MarykClark Walter
Dr. BirdRussell Younce

Production Staff

ProducerAl Berger
Marge Gaffney
Stage ManagerMarge Gaffney
Assistant Stage ManagerDoris Klockner
Set DesignSarah Reed
Set Construction-CrewAl Arbuckle
Al Berger
Frank Gaffney
Larry Harden
Stage CrewKay Doddington
Pat Harden
Ellen Walter
Set DecorSarah Reed
Lighting-CrewBill Frazee
Allen Sacks
Anthony Stanianas
PropsMarge Gaffney
CostumesMarge Deam
Veronica Massiello
Polly van Goor
Make-Up / Hair CrewMarge Boemio
Alice Mahler
Lee Partos
Assistant to the DirectorKay Hoffman