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Our 1960-1961 Season: Mainstage

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Seven Year Itch

Written by George Axelrod

Richard Sherman roams restlessly around his empty apartment, bemoaning the fact that his wife of seven years, and their son, have just walked out on him. Then, without warning, a gigantic flower pot tumbles down from an overhead balcony, nearly putting him permanently out of his misery. The jarring event has a strange effect on Richard. He now sees his marriage as wasted time and feels it necessary to exercise his libido as quickly as possible. Suddenly reborn, he invites the delectable doll who lives on the floor above down for an evening of temptation. The night doesn't quite go the way he thought it would, as morality and guilt sneak into his head. In his conscience—literally following him about the apartment—a soul-struggle of heroic and hilarious proportions ensues.

Opening Night: Wednesday, February 8, 1961 - Closing Night: Saturday, February 18, 1961


Marie Whatever-her-name-wasJean Blanchard
Voice of Girl's ConscienceBarbara Brennan
RichardBill Edwards
The GirlBobby Goldberg
Tom MacKenzieLarry Harden
ElaineAlice Mahler
Voice of Richard's ConscienceZach Morfogen
Dr. BrubakerJohn Pfeiffer
HelenSarah Reed
Miss MorrisBarbara Schreiber
Radio AnnouncerDick Selcoe

Production Staff

DirectorEdith Oxman
ProducerAl Berger
Marge Gaffney
Stage ManagerAnn Pollack
Set DesignFred Bonner
Set ConstructionAl Berger
Fred Bonner
Stage CrewMartha Conover
Pat Harden
Janet Orr
Ellen Walter
Set DecorFred Bonner
Lighting-CrewAl Berger
George Crawford
Jim Pattison
Tom Tierney
Sound DesignDick Selcoe
Sound OperationAlice Mahler
PropsRita Bender
Veronica Massiello
Roberta Reichberg
CostumesJune Arbuckle
Barbara Brennan
Make-Up / HairMarge Boemio
Polly van Goor
Assistant to the DirectorJan Strickland