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Our 1973-1974 Season: Special Event

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An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan

Cox and Box (or the Long Lost Brothers ) and Trial By Jury

Opening Night: Friday, October 19, 1973 - Closing Night: Sunday, October 21, 1973


TownsfolkBonnie Allen
BridesmaidAnita Anderson
DefendantCharles Baker
PlaintiffJane Bender
JuryRoger Clark
JuryWayne Dorland
TownsfolkElaine Dorland
TownsfolkKate Fennelly
TownsfolkGinger Fennelly
JuryKevin Hardman
JuryKeith Hardman
First BridesmaidAlberta Hornyak
Sgt. BouncerJack Ingram
Learned JudgeDan Klockner
BridesmaidKarin Kolodziejski
JuryDon Liddle
ForemanBarry McCloud
Counsel for PlaintiffHal McCloud
JuryEd Medici
JuryToni Medici
JuryTim Meunier
John James CoxGary Middleton
TownsfolkLynn Murray
BridesmaidMarge Oderman
JuryFrank Quackenbush
TownsfolkJacqueline Schmidt
JuryMike Stuono
John James BoxGene Thomas
TownsfolkBeth Thomson
UsherDoug Whitman

Production Staff

DirectorGary Middleton
Alicia Nordquist
Musical DirectorRosielle Grimm
Stage ManagerElisa Kennedy
Set DesignDavid Nordquist
Frank Valente
Set ConstructionDavid Nordquist
Frank Valente
Set DecorJack Fleming
Lighting DesignPat Baldwin
PropsElisa Kennedy
CostumesMary Zitzow
Make-Up / HairLinda Middleton
PianistEleanor Bidwell