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Keri Lesnik

Headshot of Keri Lesnik

As Cast Member

My Favorite Year (2009-2010) - Maxford House Girl
Over the River and Through the Woods (2007-2008) - Caitlin O’Hare
Bus Stop (2006-2007) - Cherie
My Fair Lady (2005-2006) - Ensemble
Crazy For You (2005-2006) - Follie Girl
Last Night Of Ballyhoo (2005-2006) - Lala Levy

As Crew Member

Assistant Director
Far Fetched Fables (2006-2007)
Side Man (2007-2008)
Far Fetched Fables (2006-2007)
Painting Crew
Accomplice (2006-2007)
Lighting Board Operation
Molly Sweeney (A Reading) (2006-2007)