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Our 2021-2022 Season
Audition Information

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Solstice Showcase 2022

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Audition Dates:

Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday, May 23, 2022 at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Show Synopsis

The Holy Grill by Gary Shaffer
Directed by Sharon Garry
Show Synopsis: An engaged couple’s routine interview with the clergy devolves into a hilarious good cop/bad cop interrogation.

My Friend, Doubt by Raven Petretti-Stamper
Directed by Elizabeth Fahsbender
Show Synopsis: Writer Betty Ray Robinson has secluded herself for the last twenty years to write her next novel when Doubt shows up at her doorstep to persuade her otherwise. But Betty has other plans. 

Never Will I Ever by Karen Lerner
Directed by Wes Laga
Show Synopsis: A long-married couple, with great rapport, look middle age in the face with sadness, with joy, and without blinking. Their daughter inspires them to play a drinking game together.

The Pick-Up by Don Loftus
Directed by Ella Slayne
Show Synopsis: Ruth and Henry try boldly, and perhaps a little desperately, to escape the humdrum of their domestic life and put the spark back in their relationship. Distracting themselves in a Valentine fantasy may seem like the perfect plan but where does that leave them when reality finds a way to burst the bubble? Are they ready to return to their everyday routine until next Valentine's Day? Meanwhile a waitress looks on - is she inspired or disillusioned by this brave clutch at hope and reconnection? 

Silent Letters by Cece Dwyer
Directed by Evie Salerno
Show Synopsis: When Phil finds his "private" beach occupied by Lila, will they only infuriate each other or will this chance meeting perhaps become something so much more? Lila is trying to get her much needed beach therapy, it just might not be in the way Phil assumes.

Under the Lake by Ryan Skinner
Directed by Benjamin Weisman 
Show Synopsis: Under the Lake is a beautiful snapshot in time of the relationship between a daughter and her declining father. Their deep love and unique bond provides a critical connection as she tries to navigate their changing realities and relationship.

Rest in Peace by Jeanne Johnston
Directed by Ed Bialkin 
Show Synopsis: A husband and wife discuss life after death or the first time thirty years of marriage.

Audition Notes

The Holy Grill by Gary Shaffer

Character Breakdown

MRS. REILLY - Female, a matronly church lady

MEG -20’s, Female, happily engaged

PETER -20’s, Male, nervously engaged

SUSSMAN - Male, Retired bad cop

MAEHRLEIN - Male, Retired good cop


My Friend, Doubt by Raven Petretti-Stamper

Character Breakdown

BETTY - Female in her 50s, a overall good person, confident with a sense of humor

DOUBT - Male, 20s, has an accent, straight forward and not afraid to speak his mind


Never Will I Ever by Karen Lerner

Character Breakdown

CARLA - Female, 50 years old, any race or ethnicity. The more serious partner of the two, caring, a good mother & wife, but tends to overthink. Going through a “mid-life” crisis.

RICHIE - Male, 48 years old, any race or ethnicity. Funny with a bit of charm, the more optimistic one of the two of them. Also, a good parent & husband


The Pick-Up by Don Loftus

Character Breakdown

RUTH - Age: late 30’s: Female, A discontented housewife.

HENRY - Age late 30’s: Male, An intimate apparel salesman.

WAITRESS - Age mid 50’s: Female, A tough, no-nonsense waitress.


Silent Letters by Cece Dwyer

Character Breakdown

PHIL - Male, 25-40 years old. An empathetic father. Kind natured and caring. Not keen on surprises, likes routine.

LILA - Female, 25-40 years old. Strong willed. Not bothered by rules. Loving and caring. Trying to find healthier ways to deal with her emotions, but still bottles them so comes across dismissive.


Under the Lake by Ryan Skinner

Character Breakdown

SAM - Male, 60’s, a retired trucker, rough but gentle, blue collar type.

MARGARET - Female, 30’s, type A, grade school teacher, no nonsense.


Rest in Peace by Jeanne Johnston

Character Breakdown

GLORIA - female, in 60's or 70's (even late 50's would be ok); emotional, willing to compromise, level headed or practical  

GORDON - male, about the same age; stubborn, iconoclast, willing to try the "new"



Actors will be reading from sides provided by each show. Sides will be available the nights of auditions.  

Please note that during auditions, masks are required to be worn inside the Barn Theatre except for when you are on stage auditioning.

The Barn Theatre is dedicated to the health and safety of all our patrons and volunteers, and we require all cast and crew members to be fully Covid-vaccinated. Please note that proof of vaccination will be required at the time of auditions for all cast members and the first day of the build/rehearsal/tech for all crew/designers.

Performance Dates

Friday, June 17, 2022 at 8pm
Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 8pm
Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 2pm


Actors are asked to arrive to sign in within the first hour of the audition start time.

The Barn Theatre has an open casting policy for all our productions. As an organization, we are committed to diverse and inclusive casting and welcome all ethnicities and gender identities to audition. Newcomers are especially welcomed and encouraged!

Crew and other volunteers are also needed for the event. If interested, please contact

The Barn does not charge a participation fee.

***IMPORTANT: You will be asked to list ALL potential conflict dates AT THE TIME of your audition, (NOT after casting). Please be prepared with your calendar and out-dates, as a rehearsal schedule will be generated based upon availability of staff and cast.

The Barn is an all-volunteer organization, we are unable to provide housing or offer remuneration.