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On Saturday night, June 22, 2019, The Barn Theatre celebrated its annual end of season "Recognition Night" to congratulate everyone who made our 91st Season such a great success and to recognize and thank the contributions of all the wonderful volunteers who made this season and every season possible!

Here are the 2018-2019 Recognition Night – Arthur Awards and Service Award Recipents:

Best Production:
Director – Rob Nissen
Producers – Cheryl Bookstaver and Janice Schopper
Stage Manager: Samantha Haas

Best Director: Roseann Ruggiero for “1776”

Outstanding Lead Actor: Joe Elefante (as John Adams in “1776”)

Outstanding Lead Actress: Carla Kendall (as Sister Aloysius in “Doubt”)

Outstanding Featured Actor: Michael Foley (as Benjamin Franklin in “1776")

Outstanding Featured Actress: Kathleen Mallon (as Sister James in “Doubt”)

Outstanding Ensemble Player(s): The Continental Congress from “1776”

Best Lighting Design: Brielle McArdle for “Comedy of Tenors”

Best Sound Design: Jeff Knapp for “A Comedy of Tenors”

Best Set Design & Construction: Lawrence Gabriel for “Doubt”

Best Set Décor: Anette Angelini & Camille DiLorenzo for “1776”

Best Costume Design: Janice Schopper for “1776”

Best Make-Up and Hair Design: Tara Hager for “A Comedy of Tenors”

Best Properties: Bridget Burke-Weiss, Camille DiLorenzo, and Roxanna Wagner for “The Dining Room”



“Zachary Morfogen Award” for contributions above and beyond the call of duty:  CARLA KENDALL

“Estelle M. Crane Award” for Non-Theatrical Contributions:  CLAUDIA METZ

“Marge and Ken Gaffney Award” for Backstage Contributions:  ROY BOGERT

“Jay Mills Award” for Volunteerism:  BILL PURDY



5 Seasons: Jack Bender, Amy Calzone, Lynn Hart, Nelly Koetzner, Chris Reynolds, Bob Vogt, Jacky Vogt

10 Seasons: Susan Binder, Jessica Blewitt, Marie Bogert, Pearl Hart , Greg Marocco, John Misiewicz, Pam Misiewicz, Jessica Phelan

15 Seasons: Lauren Grof-Tisza, Claire McDonald, Micah Weiss

30 Seasons: Roseann Ruggiero

Thank you, everyone! Our volunteers are what have made The Barn survive and thrive for 91 Seasons and we look forward to launching our upcoming 92nd Season! Come join us and be a part of this wonderful theatre community!

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