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It is with great shock and sadness that we share the sudden loss of our friend and collaborator, Tom Morrissey.

Tom joined us back in 1979, appearing over the course of several seasons in our productions of The Sound of Music, The Ritz, and The Boyfriend before taking a 20-year break to get married and raise a family. 

He came back to us in 2003's The Rainmaker and performed on our main stage virtually every season since. He most recently appeared as The Constable in Fiddler on the Roof

You could count on Tom.

Need help building a set? Tom is there. Need an actor to fly in from the rafters? Tom took the job. Need to fly an actress out of the pit? Tom will man the ropes.

He took small roles, he took big roles. He was quick with a smile, a hug, and we will never see a Natty Ice without thinking of him 

He met his love, Claudine, during our production of The Wedding Singer, and our condolences go out to her and the rest of his family.

Godspeed, T.Mo

UPDATE: A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help defray funeral expenses. Donations can be made there.

UPDATE 2: There will be a celebration of Tom's life on Sunday from 2-6 at the Lake Parsippany Clubhouse (701 Lake Shore Dr, Parsippany).. His visitation will take place Par-Troy Funeral Home (95 Parsippany Road, Parsippany) on Mon, March 12, 2018 from 4-8 p.m. 

Tom's obituary at the Par-Troy Funeral Home

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